Friday, 22 September 2017

ART AFTER DARK September 29th

Intention - oil on panel, 24 x 18 - $600
Very happy to be a featured artist showing my new works this Friday Sept 29th for ART AFTER DARK at Kingston Frameworks this year.   I'm looking forward to greeting friends and clients on this fun evening... and...if the weatherman is correct it looks like it will be a beautiful evening for an art crawl.  Come and enjoy art in downtown Kingston this Friday evening.  The galleries and studio's are all open to the public for this event between 7-10pm.  My new paintings will remain in the show at Frameworks until the end of October. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Looking Up

Looking Up - oil on wood - 48x24 - $1500
Oh September, here you are! Cool temps in the air, a host of activities going on. 
My studio practice, fit between trips and visits and weekend jaunts is still a calm in the storm when I get to hang out there.  I am liking working on some large pieces with a contemplative layered approach.  I will show some of these new pieces at ART AFTER DARK at Kingston Frameworks, Sept 29th 7-10pm.

xoxo love these lil sweeties xoxoxo
I'm getting excited to see my grandkiddies real soon :)  Porter airlines begins direct flights from Ottawa to Fredericton on September 9th, so yours truly is booked shortly after...great news as previously Air Canada only offered inconvenient flight times at a more expensive price too.  I hope to take advantage of this new service from Porter...A LOT!

A good friend and I have booked an art trip to Venice, Italy for October!   Woohooo!!  I'm over the moon as I have never been before, and it is somewhere I've always wanted to visit for the history, beauty and art. I'm hoping to take away some new inspiration / direction for my own practice, maybe a series, don't really know yet. Lots to look forward to!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Dive Right In

Big Love - oil on wood - 20x20 - $600
 When starting a new idea for painting, diving right in is the only way for me.  I may have a bunch of preconceived ideas about what I want,  but if I dwell on it for long, it can be like throwing blocks across my path.  I prefer the spontaneous energy in just getting going...choosing a palette,  laying in paint in a bold and decisive manner with the intent of getting what I want.  Of course I don't always get it, but occasionally something happens on the canvas that I hadn't planned, and a truth is born. 

 works in progress in my studio
Somehow starting in this exciting way in the beginning stages leads me to the right balance of energy upon which to build the rest of the painting. After this excitement bit, I slow down to consider the aesthetic I am after.  What areas can I simplify to keep my intent?  What areas are just noise?  There are choices about wiping out (sometimes huge!) areas that I have spent a long time laying in.  wierd. and funny. that language of art. 
My recent work is going to be featured at ART AFTER DARK at Kingston Frameworks this year.  The evening art crawl is on September 29th, 7-10pm .  My new works will be on display there until Oct 31st.  
After the work leaves Kingston Frameworks it will be hung at a solo exhibition at JAMES BRETT COIFFURE  Gardiners Road from Nov 6- Dec 31.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Something that ALWAYS works...

Hugh MacLeod's art blog says the one thing that always works in art is love.  He's onto something there I think.  Love is the something that ALWAYS works. 

Memory Garden 1 - oil on canvas - 24 x 8" - $500

Sorry if you thought that translates into 'the art will always work out' 😌  
Nope... That's not what it means.  We all have to put in our time with the learning that comes from art that doesn't work.
What it means is that it's worth doing because you have a love for it.  A love for your subject, a love for a process, or a love for a concept or idea.  It's all about the experience. If the art itself doesn't work out, so what?  You had the experience and that little bit of communing with love was worthwhile.

Memory Phlox - oil on wood - 30x30 - $1200
It's easy to be inspired by other artists work, but the art will never really resonate if the artist doesn't fall a little bit in love with the making of it. 

In my art making life I've tried lots of things. A huge love for the city of Kingston in 2002, when I moved here after several years away, saw me painting a gazillion townscapes with the heartbeat of Kingston thumping away in my heart as I worked them out.  Pastoral landscapes showed up in my work, because I loved the views around my house, north of the city.  I don't think I ever lost my love of light falling on form, and rhythm. Intuitive painting, is a love of process, especially when my routine is disrupted like when we were selling and moving house.  It fully satisfied the maker in me.  Love is also the inspiration for my garden memories as I explore space and light and pattern now.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Solvent Free oil painting

I've been painting with oils for a good long time now, and love their buttery quality and the true colour that stays the same when dry as when you make the mark.  These qualities are the main two reasons I love working with oils. 
What I dont love is the toxicity! My studio doesn't get the best ventilation. (there are 2 small windows but if it's freezing out or pouring rain having them open all the time isn't ideal) After a couple of hours of oil painting I notice the air quality isn't great, and I always take a break at these times.  A slight headache/watery eyes can be symptoms too. 
'Summer at Chaffey's Locks'
oil on panel 9 x 12 - $250
I was aware of Gamblin's solvent - free gel oil painting medium and found it good for panels but not great for my practice on larger canvas's because it has a rather thick consistency.  Then I read this Muddy Colors blogpost.  Yesterday I took a trip to Ottawa to the new DeSerres art store in Bell's Corners (its where the Wallack's was on Robertson Road) and I noticed they had the Gamblin solvent-free fluid medium, so I bought some.  Also purchased some Gamblin solvent-free safflower oil for cleanup. I'm excited to give these products a whirl and see if I can incorporate them into my process, because I'd be really happy to stay with oils but get rid of the toxic solvent issue.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Art at Victoria Airport

Every time I fly in and out of Victoria BC airport I am always impressed and even blown away by the level of support to which local art is celebrated in this corner of the world.  
The AGGV (Art Gallery of Greater Victoria) is a vital public gallery in Victoria.  It houses the largest (20,000 pieces) public collection of art in BC and is a vibrant & active part of Victoria's artist community. 
The AGGV runs a thriving Art Rental & Sales Gallery and it is this program that is responsible for providing works by local Vancouver Island artists exhibiting in the beautiful airport spaces.  
Not only is the original artwork doing its thing providing joy, interest & delight to travelers;  but the exhibit mounts large vivid signs with info about the AGGV as well as how to follow up on how to go about purchasing any of the art.  That really impresses me.  No wonder the AGGV thrives as it does.  It is an integral part of the community and part of the culture of Victoria, not separated from it.  Everyday people at the airport get to mingle with art from artists who are part of the fabric of the region.  I like that.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

blossom where you are

Apple Blossom - 48 x 24 inch- oil on wood - $1500
It's May, it's May...the lusty month of May...that love'ly month when everyone goes blissfully astray...(can you hear Julie Andrews singing in the background??!) ha ha!!  I do love this month.  I've been getting my blossom on :)  The trees budding and bursting with bloom always thrill me. It's gardening season, and  I'm missing my lovely garden at my old house; but I've lots going on despite no gardening to be done here. 

a detail of oil painting 'Spring Quilt'
available through Studio 87, Perth
(formerly Gallery On Gore)
In my last post I mentioned that we are moving at the end of this month...we'll be at 803 Lotus Avenue in Kingston's east end, starting June 1st.  It will take us about a week to settle in, and then 'poof!' it will be summer!  
This year, summer is full of visits with family and a couple of weddings for us, so again this year I'm unable to commit to do any art shows over the summer at all.  I'm kind of missing that.  I'm that person who loves connecting with people who show up at the art shows I take part in.  I'm hoping I'll be able to do a few autumn art shows before the year ends.
Next weekend I'll be giving an art workshop in the little village of Bath, with the Bath Artisans group.  It should be rather fun; we're going to be painting upside down :) It's a method I often employ to help me switch off  brain chatter when I paint.  I thought it might be fun and interesting to share with other artists, especially if they've not tried it before.  The workshop is called "Turn Your Inner Critic Upside Down" and it's on Sat. May 13th.  
We'll be in Victoria for a week this month, so I feel like the month is going to fly.